Strength Based, Solution Focused, Mindful Therapy and Coaching

For Athletes, Couples, and Individuals.

Sports Psychotherapy

My competitive coaching background has helped hundreds of athletes that seek outside help achieve their specific sport or exercise goals. Coping with an injury, performance anxiety, lack of – Read More

Couples Counseling

I can help couples restore the strength and vitality their relationship once had, and show them how to create a conscious partnership focused on valuing other’s experience. I can help – Read More


My directive coaching approach can help individuals who are lacking motivation in the achievement personal goals. I have helped numerous people with personal goals. I have helped – Read More

Anger Management

Getting our needs met is a very important piece of your happiness. Managing our emotions can take skills that we are not equipped with naturally. Finding the healthiest version of ourselves when we are angry is one of the most challenging things we can be faced with. In our group and individual sessions we will learn the 7 essential steps to take in order to prevent and intervene when managing your anger and emotions.

  1. Time out
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Clear head
  4. Get help
  5. Prevent acting out
  6. Get Grounded
  7. Assertiveness training

Managing anger takes time, patience and practice.

Ready To Reach Your Potential

Jack T May

Athletes & Couples Therapist

I am a goal oriented Marriage & Family Therapist with an emphasis on your strengths, committed to helping you find solutions to reach your desired life goals. As your therapist, I will emphasize being in the present moment with non-judgemental self reflection for character growth and development. Let me help you become the catalyst for your own change.

Life lessons and experiences reveal to us how important it is to have self-awareness. As your therapist, I will supply you with the tools and skills to give you the strength to breakthrough barriers. Part of the reason we stress or get stuck is that we are not in the “now”. As your therapist I will gently guide you to the present moment to be your best self. Give yourself permission to allow the space in your life to make change!

Mission Statement:
My mission is for my clients to set and accomplish their goals. With my mindful, goal oriented, strength based counseling you…my client, will find the inner strength to overcome obstacles and blocks. I will provide you with the proper tools to face life’s challenges.

I believe in positive affirmation, goal setting and positive self-talk while staying in the present moment. By utilizing the combination of mindfulness and your strengths, clients will be able to achieve success and reach personal goals.