Individual therapy is commonly known as talk therapy, psychotherapy and counseling. Individual therapy can be a very effective way in helping you understand, manage your emotions, increase coping skills, decrease stress and anxiety to help improve relationships and heal from your past. Jack May is an eclectic therapist that will help aim to better understand you, help promote change and improve your quality of life.


Couples therapy will help you and your partner work through miscommunications, misunderstandings, disconnect, intimacy, betrayal and much more. Jack May will work to help understand each of you and will not take sides. Jack May will coach you to be a better listener and find positive ways to connect on a deeper level.


Family Therapy – Nothing gets lost in a family system! Family Therapy is a highly effective and important way to establish positive transactional patterns between family members, work through miscommunications, and problem solve for healthy household. Family Therapy has been a very important piece to mental health issues, domestic violence, anger management, sibling rivalries, social skills and relationship building.

Whether you are seeking guidance and extra support for challenging situations or you just want to move forward in a new direction for a better life, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Anger Management

If you are struggling with managing your anger, emotions, dealing with issues in a relationship, or struggling with addiction, I can help! I will first help you develop coping skills, learn skills to help understand the underlying concerns and then focus on “working through” the problem. I use solution focused, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based therapies to help increase self-awareness. Treatment can be brief to address a specific issue, yet the coping skills that you will learn may be utilized with or without a therapist for future issues or difficulties.

Anxiety & Stress

If you are experiencing anxiety, phobias or trauma we will work together to help you improve your quality of life. Treatment with me will include cognitive behavioral therapy. If you suffer from phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, or addiction, cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective for you. CBT is a very fast and effective approach to help negate symptoms. I will also use mindfulness-based therapy and solution focused therapy when someone is stuck in their automated negative thoughts. Please have your therapeutic goals in mind in order to be prepared for talk therapy. Ask yourself: If talk therapy was to be effective, how would your life look?


It is true that often depression can be set into motion by life changing, difficult events that happened to us. If you are experiencing or have experienced significant loss stress or change in your life, feelings of depression can certainly come up. It is important to address these external issues and talk about past events, it’s also very important to find ways to address the current situation, explore future possible outcomes, and find time to enjoy life. Cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, mindfulness and solution focused therapy can help treat these symptoms.

Our online counseling platform can help overcome all types of emotional and behavioral issues.

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