Live today with hope for the future

When you take responsibility for accepting where you are in life, you are one step closer to being the person you want to be. Therapy can help you create a positive path for growth and well-being.

If life feels too harsh and overwhelming, there is help.

Online therapy can help you understand, work through, and manage ways to overcome life’s many challenges.

Therapists can provide support, problem-solving techniques, and advanced coping strategies using a practical, straightforward, interactive approach to navigating life’s challenges with a blend of empathy and thoughtful objectivity.

Jack’s private practice specializes in helping clients with anger and stress management difficulties, anxiety, and depression along with a comprehensive list of other common issues.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is commonly known as talk therapy, psychotherapy and, counseling. Individual therapy can be a very effective…

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy will help you and your partner work through miscommunications, misunderstandings, disconnect, intimacy,…

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy – Nothing gets lost in a family system! Family Therapy is a highly effective and important way to establish…

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If you are struggling with managing your anger, emotions, dealing with issues in a relationship, or struggling with addiction, I can help!


If you are experiencing anxiety, phobias or trauma we will work together to help you improve your quality of life.


It is true that often depression can be set into motion by life changing, difficult events that happened to us.


Anger Management • Depression • Anxiety • ADHD • Addiction • Alcohol Use • Behavioral Issues • Bipolar Disorder • Career Counseling • Chronic Impulsivity • Chronic Pain, Chronic Relapse • Codependency • Coping Skills • Divorce • Domestic Abuse • Domestic Violence • Drug Abuse • Dual Diagnosis • Emotional Management • Emotional Tolerance • Family Conflict • Gambling • Grief • Hoarding • Infidelity • Internet Addiction • Learning Disabilities • Life Coaching • Life Transitions • Marital and Premarital • Men’s Issues • Obesity  • Oppositional Defiance • Parenting • Peer Relationships • Relationship Issues • School Issues • Self Esteem • Sex Therapy • Sexual Abuse • Sexual Addiction • Insomnia • Spirituality • Sports Performance • Stress • Substance Use  • Trauma  •  PTSD • Video Game Addiction • Weight Loss

About Jack May

Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Family Studies, from California State University, Northridge. Master of Arts in Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family, from Phillips Graduate Institute. Training received from IITAP – International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals.



Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance does Jack accept?

Jack is an “In Network Provider” for the following insurances and is continuously adding providers, so be sure to ask Jack if your insurance is in network.” Simply send a picture of your insurance card before your first visit and Jack May will contact the insurance.

What is deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money you must spend on all medical services before your coverage begins. Once the deductible is met, you will have a co-pay. Jack will file claims and get paid by your insurance company. With in-network providers, you have a set co-pay. With out of network providers, your co-pay is based on the percentage your plan pays for therapy. Jack will check your deductible and rates of reimbursement to let you know what your co-pay will be.

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